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Why Are Clinical Trials Necessary?

Clinical trials are critical for identifying novel therapies for diseases and new techniques to detect, diagnose, and prevent disease development. In addition, clinical trials may demonstrate to researchers what works and doesn't work in people, which isn't possible to discover in the lab or with animals.

Best Clinical Trial Research Services in Nigeria

Savante Consulting is also one of Nigeria's premier clinical research firms. Savante Consulting Limited assists firms in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and food and beverage industries with product registration and regulatory clearances. Phase III and IV clinical trials will be project-managed, and Pharmacovigilance Services will be provided to support Marketing Authorization Applications.

Preclinical Development and Clinical Trials

Clinical research services for multi-phase studies are provided by Savante Consulting Limited, emphasizing early development. Savante Consulting is ideally positioned to assist you plan, organize, and implement clinical trial solutions for your specific needs as a top Nigerian contract research firm with over 10 years of expertise in clinical research.

Relevant Expertise

Before being accepted as an investigator in research, Savante Consulting regulatory agencies demand that investigators get formal training on ICH GCP standards. The Association for Good Clinical Practices in Nigeria (AGCPN) recently launched a certification program that would help to enhance awareness and comprehension of ICH GCPs. Hundreds of clinical research experts have been trained in Nigeria, with many more prepared in the coming years.