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Clinical Research Services for Your Help

We've put together a comprehensive package of clinical research services to help you get the tools and expertise you need for your clinical research. These services are designed to meet the highest standards throughout your drug development strategy. Savante Consulting Limited is a Nigerian company that conducts contract clinical trials for clients in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology industries and government and non-profit organizations.

Clinical Trials in Nigeria

Clinical research is at the heart of a multibillion-dollar industry centered on the human population's health. It has been a focal point of industrial policy in countries such as China. With the rapid expansion of advanced therapy medicinal products. Medicine is undergoing a revolution—from gene therapy and regenerative medicine to more precise treatments and spectacular breakthroughs in devices, few periods in history have seen as much innovation and progress. These discoveries necessitate the participation and engagement of patients all over the world, but this requires a significant research infrastructure, which includes regulatory authorities, industry, associations, well-trained experts, a robust health system, and other factors. Nigeria has been establishing a clinical trial business with little fanfare throughout the world. According to one source, clinical trials could one day create more resources for Nigeria than crude oil—Clinical research can become one of the prominent national sources of income for the country.

Most Common Types of Clinical Trials

Most Common Types of Clinical Trials Offered by Savante Consulting

  • MAMS trials
  • Screening & Treatment Trials
  • Prevention Trials
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cross-sectional studies
  • Cohort Studies

Progress in Regulations and Ethics of Clinical Research

Nigeria has increased its efforts to improve product development and marketing authorization regulations. In Nigeria, for example, Savante Consulting Limited has written about most of the country's regulation on clinical trials, product importation, and marketing license requirements. Savante Consulting has also vetted and registered several medical products acted as independent consultants for 0rganizations. In Nigeria, ethical committee approval for clinical studies can currently be obtained through online applications. Other beneficial clinical trial projects in Nigeria have proven successful, and sponsors would be pleased.

Our Goal

The goal of Savante Consulting is to identify perceived shortages in clinical research knowledge. We also want to increase abilities across diverse clinical research positions in Nigerian health institutions and contribute to clinical research capacity improvement.