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Clinical Research

Savante Consulting Limited provides Clinical research services for multi-phase trials with a focus on early development and biometrics, a leading life sciences CRO.

As one of the leading clinical research organizations in Nigeria, to help you gain the resources and expertise you need for your clinical research, we have the right package of clinical research services to deliver to the highest standards throughout your drug development plan.

As a leading Nigerian early phase contract research organization with over 10 years of experience in clinical research, we are uniquely placed to help you design, develop and implement clinical trial solutions for your specific needs. As one of the best regulatory consultants in Nigeria, we help optimize your clinical timelines and support regulatory submissions to bring your product to market quickly and safely. We support you with fast, smooth testing and development processes, enabling you to make safe decisions about your product that is based on the most reliable data.

Preclinical development and clinical trials

By the requirements of Nigerian regulatory bodies, our regulatory affairs consulting company is very attentive to the choice of laboratories. Before they get to the list of approved suppliers, laboratories pass a selection process that includes an assessment of the documentation and quality audit. In the future, we conduct a regular audit of the laboratory, as well as for-cause audits.

Savante Consulting Limited provides a comprehensive range of services in international and local clinical trials, observational studies, data management, biostatistics, medical writing and training programs in Africa.

Our CRO is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients by providing professional and superior quality service, with integrity, reliability and strong client focus.


Savante Consulting Limited can serve as a local Pharmacovigilance Agent for products in Nigeria and Kenya. We will generate necessary documentation, including ICSR and PSUR to support continuing registration of the product in the local market. Savante will provide a call desk and data management support system that meets the requirements of Pharmacovigilance guidelines of the regulatory authorities

Pharmacovigilance during the clinical development of the pharmaceutical product is a collection of safety information, analysis, and reporting to the competent authorities and all relevant parties.

Information gathering and distribution is performed centrally for all trials conducted with the product. This means that in case of new safety information available in one study, the new data will be received at all sites and regulatory authorities in all studies with this drug.

Contract manufacturing organization

Savante Consulting Limited is a leading pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) located in Lagos Nigeria. The company offers pharmaceutical development services. It provides seamless tech transfer from their development facilities and commercial supply of a wide range of formulations.

Partnership - Organization legal structure

Savante Consulting Limited will strive to reduce and manage business risks by providing our clients and their financiers with business decisions and timely executions of projects.

Regulatory support is a complex process that ensures that the parameters of the clinical development process meet its main goal of obtaining a marketing authorization.

To avoid various risks it is necessary to evaluate the entire clinical development program. We collaborate with professionals from various scientific fields to comprehensively predict possible outcomes of clinical research and achieve expected results. If necessary we make requests to the regulatory authorities to obtain scientific advice.